All pipe and gas works are realized
as a complex and they are tailor-made.

We realized troubleshooting and pipe breakdowns settlement of designated gas equipment.

company motto...
„Quality, Seriousness and Flexibility.“

Sale of welding tables and clamping system

Special Gas Equipment Department

  • tubing failure recovery
  • tubing servicing and maintenance
  • metallurgical equipment shut-down by controlled blank-off technology
  • new branch pipes made without interrupting the equipment operation - boring and tearing
  • sophisticated gas equipment repairs without interrupting the equipment operation
  • works in irrespirable conditions using respirators

Preparatory Production Department

  • steel scaffold and pipeline production
  • technological units production
  • welding
  • steel profile and sheet steel cutting and forming
  • oxygen pipes degreasing

Transport and Engineering Center

  • crane work
  • road transport
  • scaffolding construction
  • construction and ground work

Pipe Fitting Department

  • tubing assembly - all diameters for industrial gases and liquids
  • equipment complex assembly
  • steel structure and halls assembly
  • complete tailor-made investment realization