We were honoured to participate in the 58th International Engineering Fair in Brno. In our outdoor stand, you could see our exhibits, including our new product: CLAMPING SYSTEM FOR WELDERS, from October 3 – 7, 2016. We have registered this product for a competition called “Golden Medal”.

Other products of our company:

  • WELDING TABLE – when you need to quickly set up a variable welding site with a set of fixtures; it also allows to flexibly adjust the height of the desk using a hydraulic leg;
  • HYDRAULIC PRESS BREAK – this small hydraulic press break is suitable for small businesses and entrepreneurs;
  • HOT-AIR STOVE the “Pig” – a wood stove for local heating of small buildings such as cottages, weekend houses, farm buildings, greenhouses, pubs, beerhouses, clubhouses.

More technical information about our products and prices of individual products will be provided at request on

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